Eco-friendly Tranquillity At Our Doorstep

It is never too early to plan for holidays.  We all need an escape from the hustle and bustle to reconnect with the nature from time to time . But what options are there for an eco-friendly break without racking up a massive carbon footprint in travel?  Glamping comes to mind as one of them. It can be defined as an environmentally conscious, outdoor alternative without compromising luxury and comfort of a self catered accommodation. And the good news is, you do not need to go further than UK to experience it.  

Cornwall is the place that will surprise you pleasantly: apart from rolling hills and breathtaking views of a stunning coastline, you will be spoilt for choice of environmentally conscious  cottages and glamping sites.  Do you wonder what it is like to stay in one of those places? Here is my take on it. 

Tre-end is that perfect getaway for anyone seeking a little refuge in the nature. It is located in the village of Sticker, near St. Austel, surrounded with a beautiful, tranquil Cornish countryside scenery. It offers several specious bell tents and cosy cabins that come with all the perks expected from glamping: king size beds with fresh sheets, wood-burning stove with a kettle and an exclusive use of toilet/shower.

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There is more to Tre-end when it comes to being 'green'.  It is almost completely off grid. Each accommodation is powered by  solar panels installed outside. The water for shower rooms is pumped from its own well instead of being connected to a municipal water system.  Subsequently the water is not heavily treated with chemicals. It is fed through filters  to remove any particulates, and distributed around the site with a 12v pump powered by a  battery connected to a solar panel. 

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The most environmentally friendly features of the site are the composting loos. They work and smell surprisingly well.

They are so called dry toilets that do not require water for flushing. Human waste is treated by a biological process of composting. The main principle is to separate liquids from solids. So there is a urine trap which directs all liquids away into a separate soak away. The solids get covered with fresh sawdust after every use. This acts as a carbon additive that creates air pockets to help with aerobic decomposition. Also this improves the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and reduces potential odour. 

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What is more to this glamping site? An ample of green space for children to play, apple and pear trees loaded with fruit when in season, BBQ sets for Al fresco dining experience, large fire-pit area to socialise with other glampers. Most enjoyable of all is waking up to the sound of birds singing and stepping out from your tent/cabin to a tranquil, Cornish countryside.

Also it is worth mentioning that if you take a walk to explore the surrounding hilly scenery you will not neglect to notice quite a few wind turbines and solar panels. They are commonly spotted in the whole of Cornwall. According to CornwallLive, the county currently is meeting its 37% electricity demand from renewable energy technology. Cornwall is positively ambitious  about leading green energy revolution in the UK, but this is a great topic alone to cover perhaps in the next article. 

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